Saturday, April 10, 2010

today i saw some tulips... they were $10 a bunch, ive never actually seen purple ones, so i grabbed a purple/pinky-fuchsia coloured lot.. heres the photos...

these are the other photos i took the other day while playing at the tribune.
apparently my photos are liked, so here's some more .

to anyone who is looking, reading etc... i am very grateful. much love


Thursday, April 8, 2010

just a quick before bed post to say how totally blessed i am in life.
i have love, i have life, i am a mother to 2 beautiful children. i wake up and see the ocean everyday. waking up is a gift i dont understand why more people cant feel that?..
night world. thankyou for every blessing i have ever been given. thankyou for the love that overflows in so many ways.

sweet dreams world
i spent a bit of time with my gorgeous friend leah today, at her work, the tribune, in the valley in brisbane. i took the chance to photograph some of the fantastic clothes and shoes, and even bought some heavily reduced gorgeous shoes myself( photos to come soon...)
i adore this necklace and the feathers on this dress are devine. i had heaps of fun and fingers crossed they feature them in their own blog :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I HAVE CONQUERED BAKING!!!!!!!! with gluten free flour that is... i made a banana and blueberry loaf with gluten free ingredients, and it rose! it was fluffy! it looked NORMAL!!! most people who bake 'gluten free/ wheat free' will tell you getting something to rise is like getting jesus to rise frm the dead, impossible...

i have photographic proof, risen loaf stuff... as you can tell im excited :)

i have been so stupidly sick for the past few days, i promise to update my blog tomorrow when i get some me time

recipes for things , photos of stuff and random ramblings.... oh and easter holiday snaps...

till tomorrow much love