Tuesday, June 1, 2010

flasher, fake boobs and men looking in the cupboard/fridge/anywhere...

ok first i saw a flasher, good times except he was old and i assume had wrinkly balls... The next day i checked the news to see the police had nabbed him and he was sitting in the local sandgate watch house. nice work. bet its cold in there with no clothes LOL

next is fake boobs... thinking bout a boob job. not feeling so good bout my chest lately so thinking maybe a new rack will help? maybe not, still in internal debate. bigger boobs will equal better self esteem , but when they sag when im old ill back to square one. maybe it wouldnt be so bad, id probably be too old to give a shit.

maybe im caving into not peer pressure but society pressure, starting to think i need to fit into a certain image to get anywhere. omo white, dark hair and curves arent quite trendy and i dont think they ever will be.

Now that i think about it, maybe new boobs is silly... i dont want to be a poser, but im sick of not fitting in.

Now onto Mr L.. love him to pieces but this is him looking for anything that isnt right in front of him... LOl freak out ... open the fridge, such and such isnt there, aaahhhhhhh open cupboard clothes arent there, aaaahhhhhhh... and so forth... this is him LOL

spent the day shopping with my best friend, i seriously dont think you could buy this kind of friendship. i am blessed with many wonderful people in my life, i am constantly humbled by their love, ability to share, care and be in my life whole heartedly without question.

i had the best day, bought 4 dresses and some diva jewels lol... diva is awesome, cheap enough to replace every now and then but still looks the part. i however ( much to Mr Ls happiness) did NOT buy any mroe cardies, i nearly did but decided not to. The last purchase was navy high waisted shorts, with 3 gorgeous buttons on them.

i shall blog bout dinner later as im off to finish watching season 1 of lost on dvd... yes yes i am aware it just finished forever on television but im not one to follow trends ( except thinking bout a boob job... dont hate me )

much loves to the world

danielle x

Sunday, May 30, 2010

new songs on the playlist... woo yeah :)