Saturday, May 15, 2010

i am slack at uploading photos...

i am off soon with Mr L ( who has man flu and is dying) to the gluten free food expo thingy mabobby...
should be good. i have pretty much got the hang of this gluten free lifestyle but new ideas and options are always welcome.

after we are going to see robin hood! wooo...

i have my camera in my bag, a dude with man flu and warm shoes on... its really cold is brisbane today.

had a wonderful sleep, didnt wake till 9 am . oh dear god i love sleep. my ma used to say if there was a sleep olympics i would win.

well that was when i was little and the anxiety's of life hadnt kicked in yet.
as a child i slept like no tomorrow. now days a good nights sleep is something to sing and dance about.
random nights of 2hours sleep for weeks on end and then out of nowhere ill sleep 10 solid hours and wake up like the last few weeks insomnia was in fact a dream.

i dream alot. regardless of how many hours, i always dream.

shall report back later.

love danielle x

Friday, May 14, 2010

dear laptop i am so sincerely sorry i havent updated you since september ....

no wonder you hate me LOL

i think i am getting a cold, im tired, snotty and kinda feeling bleh... stitches dont hurt so much, but on closer inspection of my albino self, i realise this is jjust the beginning... these moles/freckles have got to go , and now.
i slept alot better last night. stitches didnt hurt, maybe it was the painkillers( god bless the man who invented codiene and nurofen in 1 tablet)

they are currently itchy. the kind of itch a teenage boy gets from sleeping around.

today was reasonably busy, i met my best friend and her 2 boys at ikea for a bit, then Mr L and i headed off to op shop and second hand store scourer for a chest of draws... seriously, op shops want more than ikea. and for the same plastic shite.

i found a small box thingo in an antique store for $10, i fell in love with it.
ill prob use it for sewing supplies.

dinner was corn pasta, with bacon/broccoli/cream sauce. corn pasta = awesome. coeliacs best mate really...

im looking forward to venturing out to west end markets tomorrow... fresh produce FTW!

the kite festival is also on... we are lucky its across the road from us :)

the man one wants to play ps3 with me... so i shall conclude tonight's blog with promise of new photos uploaded tomorrow.

night all... rug up, its chilly outside ... ( its winnnttteeeerrr!!!!!!!!!!!! yyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

random blog post .... again :)

dinner = awesome, made gluten free meatballs and served them with rice... for the win!

in other news i fully checked out some dude who was not my BF today... on accident...
he gets home from work and im all : i saw you today, at blah blah road" i was fully checking you out" only to have him say , well i actually was working on the other side of that road....


in other random blog related randomness ... i have soup cooking.. seriously though coles, get your act together, bacon bones and ham hocks are more per kilo than the actual meat? just because its getting colder doesnt mean you can rip people off does it?

i might make apple crumble... no jokes the size of thew washing pile looks like a refuse tip. i am going to photograph it so all off the blogger world can be horrified. mr L and i are going to sit down and watch a dvd and fold clothes tonight... exciting i know!...

AND WAIT THERES MORE!!!! we will probably even do dishes after that too!

week nights are the chill out nights, work/uni for both of us makes you feel pretty neutral. so apple crumble, washing and folding up is all our brains will probably function with right now

i hope everyone has a good night. thanks for all the random comments and for reading.


danielle x

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


this is just a blog post for mr L... i adore you , i love you..

thankyou for looking after me while i sulk and sook and whinge...

i love you


Monday, May 10, 2010

so my back is hurting now... fire kind of burning teamed with extreme tightness ... oh yay.

9 stitches later and i have to go back next week for 2 more moles removed. another 10 stitches. wooo ... dudes dig scars yeah? lol...

i have been in deep and thinky mode alot the past few weeks... even today a blog i read had an article on love and it got me thinking, where are all the good old love stories gone? what ever happened to happily ever after?

i do in fact feel like a robot somedays. hence why i love that merina and the diamonds song " i am not a robot"....

at what point do you shut off from the world? at what point do you think 'this just isnt worth it anymore" im an eternal optimist, i love people. i love love. i love the world. my children . my family. my partner.

i fear i am becoming slowly jaded by life.

at the doctor today while i was being 'sliced and diced' we got talking ( an hour and half apt will do that) he mentioned my age... im getting closer to 30 and had i considered my fertility. i wasnt getting younger were his words...
geees thanks mate. i adore my doctor but this was a small wake up call. do i want more kids? i dont know. i just dont know what i want anymore.

we talked about everything from god to religion, schools, life, death, love, diets, and over sexed teens in the media...

great convo... but left me feeling , empty?

bono said it best didnt he " i still havent found what im looking for' ...

what is it im looking for? i hav love, i have provided 2 children with life, i have a home , food , i found my 'niche' in photography...

what exactly is it that i havent found or need to find or feel im missing?

i hate that i am misjudged or seen from someone elses perception of who they think ia m , or what i am feeling/thinking...

why isnt it ever just easy?

if youre reading this, whoever you are, leave me a comment, let me know im not just blogging to the nothingness that seems to follow me .

sorry for the ramble post. i have a temp and im freezing, work that one out.

tis all for now

danielle x

Sunday, May 9, 2010

guess what? i am not a robot....

i adore this song....

mothers days was good. i got a rocking teapot from B and L... i love them!

ive been a bit absent from blogging... more taking a step back and trying to focus on 'real life' ....

ive not felt like touching my camera in 2 weeks. ive been reading alot. i will pick it up soon.

today i am off to get 3 moles cut off my back. 3 all lined up in a row. im reasonably nervous. i have no idea why.

wish me luck. will report back later.

danielle x