Friday, May 14, 2010

dear laptop i am so sincerely sorry i havent updated you since september ....

no wonder you hate me LOL

i think i am getting a cold, im tired, snotty and kinda feeling bleh... stitches dont hurt so much, but on closer inspection of my albino self, i realise this is jjust the beginning... these moles/freckles have got to go , and now.
i slept alot better last night. stitches didnt hurt, maybe it was the painkillers( god bless the man who invented codiene and nurofen in 1 tablet)

they are currently itchy. the kind of itch a teenage boy gets from sleeping around.

today was reasonably busy, i met my best friend and her 2 boys at ikea for a bit, then Mr L and i headed off to op shop and second hand store scourer for a chest of draws... seriously, op shops want more than ikea. and for the same plastic shite.

i found a small box thingo in an antique store for $10, i fell in love with it.
ill prob use it for sewing supplies.

dinner was corn pasta, with bacon/broccoli/cream sauce. corn pasta = awesome. coeliacs best mate really...

im looking forward to venturing out to west end markets tomorrow... fresh produce FTW!

the kite festival is also on... we are lucky its across the road from us :)

the man one wants to play ps3 with me... so i shall conclude tonight's blog with promise of new photos uploaded tomorrow.

night all... rug up, its chilly outside ... ( its winnnttteeeerrr!!!!!!!!!!!! yyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy)


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