Thursday, April 15, 2010

excited much? im off to sort my printing finally!...

i am so humbled,excited, i just dont know.

:D big smiles today

danielle x

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ive created and ordered my business cards, postcards and a tee shirt :) i also found some gorgeous frames, acid free at a good price so i bought maybe 2 dozen assorted sizes. in black frames and white frames only.

nothing about this feels wrong or silly, theres no nerves.

im having a bit of a tough day otherwise though. i love being a mother, but today i got really really angry. not at my beloved kiddies , B or L... but at at J, their dad... its hard to explain the death of a loved one. its hard to describe how ripped off one feels. how you feel like you were left to pick up the pieces. death can be so complex for those left behind. some days i have found that resolve i need to work it all out. other days i wish he was alive so i could scream at him. but i know its pointless. you cant scream at something that doesnt exist anymore. i hate these random days. jut when i think/feel im moving forwards, it creeps up on me like darkness ending a day.

im happy where I am in life. I am happy with my choices, i am blessed with 2 gorgeous children and a new love in my life.

somedays i just cant help thinking why am i still judged on a situation instead of who i am? there is a person behind all of this...

sorry for the mini rant/release...

love danielle
i have so much to blog, and will come back later when ive had some tea and a think...
but ive decided im going to follow this photography thing.

i feel as though the universe/god.. who ever/what ever it is, is telling me this is my calling in life.

i feel as though im in thinking over drive. this is what i want to do . its a good feeling .

clarity is good.

let the madness begin :)

ps thankyou to everyone who reads my blog, it means alot.



Monday, April 12, 2010

im so tired, exhausted and i just want sleep, but its just not happening.
so here im sitting, bowl of porridge, a mega cup of tea , food for my soul.

i helped bring a life into the world today. holy moly.

my brain is in over drive. im sitting here wondering lots bout nothing.

welcome back insomnia.

danielle x

Sunday, April 11, 2010

my best friend is in labour, i am off to the hospital as her birth partner... im so excited and so nervous at the same time.

wish me luck

love danielle
weekend update... well i spent my weekend in many different ways .saw friends friday night for drinks and dinner, ended up having dinner at Mr Ls mums which was nice and had heaps of laughs, shovelled concrete at Mr Ls mums place saturday( heaps and heaps of it) did some motorbike riding , went to the sunday markets at ferny grove,went out to samford to check out houses, took some photos at home, cooked roast for dinner... all in all it was good, relaxing at times, hard work at other times.

the markets were a fantastic idea!. i spent $30 and bought 11 items of clothes ( witchery, wish,miss shop, fcuk, esprit) and 2 massive pieces of vintage fabric.
i am extremely happy and it was so warm sunny and nice out in the autumn sun.

bike riding was good, i was a bit naughty and wore my black volleys instead of my normal proper bike boots. i can tell you kevlar lined pants in australia really do suck. if we did ever crash least my skin will be in tact. i noticed the gateway now has point to point cameras being installed, kind of sad when you think about it. cameras and anti hooning laws dont do anything but create angst amonst motor enthusiasts, general population. to stop the carnage on our roads we need to educate . that right there is the key . education. take a look at europe, free range speed limit roads and a road toll we will never ever come down to.

im really happy about the markets.. bargain central.

samford is sooo nice, weve been thinking about a move, away from the ocean and townhouse thingo and into a more relaxed rural house setting, still close to brisbane. currently we live 30 kms frm the city on beachfront. so samford and surrounds wont be too far.
i wish our block of land was closer., but the move to central coast nsw isnt an option right now, so i suppose the animals and irds can take care of it for me while im not there :)

the sewing wasnt even attempted today, whoops!.. but with some new vintage fabric im sure ill feel the urge tomorrow or the day after. i just didnt have time to sit down with maddam janome today.

i hope the photos are well liked? let me know what you think.

ive stuffed myself silly with roast chicken tonight, i even let the cats have some, and i was left speechless when Mr B and Miss L ate their broccoli and exclaimed ' mum we ate everything' ... wow... good job guys. i love you.

well thats my update i shall leave you with photos of my 2 fave buys today, one white shirt and a red cardie, its actually more a ceramic red colour but the photo was crap. i think i need a new compact camera...

thats all peoples.. night and best wishes for a new week love danielle