Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ive created and ordered my business cards, postcards and a tee shirt :) i also found some gorgeous frames, acid free at a good price so i bought maybe 2 dozen assorted sizes. in black frames and white frames only.

nothing about this feels wrong or silly, theres no nerves.

im having a bit of a tough day otherwise though. i love being a mother, but today i got really really angry. not at my beloved kiddies , B or L... but at at J, their dad... its hard to explain the death of a loved one. its hard to describe how ripped off one feels. how you feel like you were left to pick up the pieces. death can be so complex for those left behind. some days i have found that resolve i need to work it all out. other days i wish he was alive so i could scream at him. but i know its pointless. you cant scream at something that doesnt exist anymore. i hate these random days. jut when i think/feel im moving forwards, it creeps up on me like darkness ending a day.

im happy where I am in life. I am happy with my choices, i am blessed with 2 gorgeous children and a new love in my life.

somedays i just cant help thinking why am i still judged on a situation instead of who i am? there is a person behind all of this...

sorry for the mini rant/release...

love danielle


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