Tuesday, May 25, 2010

battle wounds

Here's the photos of the 'wounds' the ones on my back are healing/healed.. The one on my arm is healing well, and the one of my leg opened up today when i kinda fell down the stairs. omg that hurt.


dreary rainy day.

My day involved watching the entire 12 episodes from the 1st season of sex and the city. It was $1.95 day from blockbuster so i thought why not? I had nothing else to do. Check out carries hair do and bad makeup LOL... A far cry form the gazillion dollar franchise its now turned into. Still it was full of laughs.

The cat snuggled me, i cat chocolate and coffee, i had my books , the remotes and my awesome holeproof explorer socks. In all honesty it was a great day . Just what i needed , chillaxing and being a proper couch potato. Its probably the most time ive spent lazing on my couch since i bought it 18 mths ago.