Wednesday, May 12, 2010

random blog post .... again :)

dinner = awesome, made gluten free meatballs and served them with rice... for the win!

in other news i fully checked out some dude who was not my BF today... on accident...
he gets home from work and im all : i saw you today, at blah blah road" i was fully checking you out" only to have him say , well i actually was working on the other side of that road....


in other random blog related randomness ... i have soup cooking.. seriously though coles, get your act together, bacon bones and ham hocks are more per kilo than the actual meat? just because its getting colder doesnt mean you can rip people off does it?

i might make apple crumble... no jokes the size of thew washing pile looks like a refuse tip. i am going to photograph it so all off the blogger world can be horrified. mr L and i are going to sit down and watch a dvd and fold clothes tonight... exciting i know!...

AND WAIT THERES MORE!!!! we will probably even do dishes after that too!

week nights are the chill out nights, work/uni for both of us makes you feel pretty neutral. so apple crumble, washing and folding up is all our brains will probably function with right now

i hope everyone has a good night. thanks for all the random comments and for reading.


danielle x


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