Saturday, May 15, 2010

i am slack at uploading photos...

i am off soon with Mr L ( who has man flu and is dying) to the gluten free food expo thingy mabobby...
should be good. i have pretty much got the hang of this gluten free lifestyle but new ideas and options are always welcome.

after we are going to see robin hood! wooo...

i have my camera in my bag, a dude with man flu and warm shoes on... its really cold is brisbane today.

had a wonderful sleep, didnt wake till 9 am . oh dear god i love sleep. my ma used to say if there was a sleep olympics i would win.

well that was when i was little and the anxiety's of life hadnt kicked in yet.
as a child i slept like no tomorrow. now days a good nights sleep is something to sing and dance about.
random nights of 2hours sleep for weeks on end and then out of nowhere ill sleep 10 solid hours and wake up like the last few weeks insomnia was in fact a dream.

i dream alot. regardless of how many hours, i always dream.

shall report back later.

love danielle x


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