Sunday, March 21, 2010

The other thing i wanted to talk about was something oprah calls 'your aha moment'

an 'aha'moment is a moment of clarity, a moment where you see things differently, christians call this a revelation and spiritualists call it enlightenment.
I donty think this 'aha' moment is limited to one moment to one thing, i think it happens consistently over your life, in various moments and times.

"aha' moments serve a purpose, to open our eyes,heart and soul to something we once were too tired/ignorant, immature or non sensical to see ..

My recent 'aha'moments have been spaced over a good 2 years... ive learned the gift of life and love is never to be taken for granted, that in tragedy lies hope and a fresh start and when its darkest you can see the stars.

I had an 'aha' moment this weekend...

i had been feeling somewhat tied to a situation that was neither good for me, positive or added anything to my life, the whole lot came to a head when a person i know was incredibly rude,crass and was close to ruining my bday due to her terrible behaviour.
I realised that no matter what , a friendship/acquaintanceship/mateship should never impare on who you are and what you stand for.

a true friend doesnt disrespect your home, life, friendship or your relationship with your partner.

the 'aha' moment for me is standing my ground and saying no

no is such an important word. i mean yes is a fantastic word too, but i truly feel that no needs to be spoken out when needed. for too long i didnt say no.

my aha moment was saying no to a very bad person .


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