Thursday, June 24, 2010

someone had to have voted them in

the whole nation is getting its whinge on about Julia Gillard being brought in as PM... well guess what, labour won because the Australian public voted them in... now you all want to sit back and say 'nah not me, i voted liberal' fucking lying hypocrites....

SOMEONE had to vote them in. it didnt just happen.

stop whinging and be grateful you live in Australia where your vote counts.


Carly Findlay said...

It's funny how now everyone just gives a shit and are experts about politics and football (soccer). When the rest of the time they don't really give a shit.

It's not as though our political parties are so extreme that things will radically change with a new party or prime minister leading the country.

I feel so proud to be an Australian today. For a woman Prime Minister and for Kevin Rudd's dignified and emotional speech. Two great leaders demonstrating their values and human side. I wrote a blog post about it.

PS - irrelevant but I generally dislike music on blogs, but you have a great selection of songs and I especially love that The Wallflowers are playing right now....could be a music I've been missing post... Not going to submit this comment until the song is over! It's another gravelly-voiced singer. I love it.

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