Sunday, March 7, 2010

BLLLEEHHHH i have so much to do today, and i all i really want is to sleep and maybe go and see alice in wonderland lol...

study awaits me, in 2 years i shall be a teacher, hooray.

sleep evades me, i got maybe 2 and half hours last night, and the night before 3... im averaging 3 hours a night, im not even sure thats normal?

New lense should be here today or tomorrow :D
this makes me extremely happy, i also have some hand made silver jewellery on the way from the U.S .... so im postie stalking ...

dinner tonight? i really dont know, i should of mentioned all the food in my blog is gluten free, for those who arent sure what gluten is, its a protein in wheat, barely , rye etc... im a coeliac... so everything i cook , is wheat free/gluten free

will be back later to update..

<3 DeeDee


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