Friday, March 12, 2010

Well had a pretty big week, today Mr L is doing 'shave for a cure'... im a little bit nervous as ive never seen him without his long locks. but hey its for a good cause :)

We went to a friends 40th last night, to the EMPORIUM in brisbane

Fantastic looking place, great atmosphere, very upmarket, but absolute SHITE cocktails.
At $20 a pop i want more than a sour disgusting red thing x3... they are supposed to be different flavours, but all i got was 3 overpriced sour red things, one in a tea cup, and ended up giving them away.

Early yesterday too, we went for breakfast, i rate that place -1000/10 my 'standard' breaky tasted like dishwashing liquid, there was at least half a pig on my plate, and it looked sloppy when served. My coffee was burned and the milk was terribly ickky..


Tomorrow i have my best friend coming over for dinner and ill be doing a pregnancy shoot, im really excited :)

thats bout it, time for me to stop blogging, go eat something homemade and decent!..


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