Monday, March 15, 2010

Hi to anyone reading this.

well lots to blog about since my previous post, a little photo shoot, some shopping with a gorgeous friend, and my date with myself.. along with some other random thoughts :)

cooking has been a bit sporadic and vacant the past few days, friday night we went out for drinkies and such so no dinner then , UUUMMM AAAHHHH i know... saturday night we had dinner at Mr Ls mums place with family, just a simple BBq but awesome none the less, Mr Ls mum, makes fantastic food, we always tease her and call her Armageddon shopper, as she cooks/shops like its the end of the world. never fear theres always leftovers LOL... must be from raising 2 giant twin boys.
Sunday i had friends over for dinner, nothing too flash and forgot to take phtos :(
It was a beef rib roast with roast veges and Mr Ls beef juice gravey stuff... nom nom nom... Basically i just rolled it in herbs , stabbed it with garlic and rosemary, surrounded it in randomly chopped onion and olive oil and some salt then cooked it on mega high for 20 mins then down to 150 for 3 hours.. it was perfection.

Monday saw me venture to chermside with Mr Ls brothers GF, Miss L... shes FANTASTIC i tell you peoples! If you need style advice, see this woman, she is unbiased and so funny!. She made me feel normal and listened to what i liked and what i didnt and worked with my body shape. This young lady has a huge future in fashion and styling.
I bought skinny jeans ( adore them already so that wasnt too hard lol) a few dresses, one floor length 'toga dress' as Mr L calls it, in a deep purple colour, i adore it. Some jackets one in cream, it has a short capped sleeve and one in light blue , it is lon sleeve.
I also grabbed this gorgeous frilly scarf from sportsgirl ... Today i picked up 2 basic tees from kmarts 'weekend' range, very cas and good teamed with leggings and ballet flats for the school run or coffee or whatever. I also grabbed some grey satin ballet flats, they were a steal on clearance for $10 people! Lastly i grabbed 2 longer length cardies from kmart at $15 each , one whiote cotton one grey cotton. I love grey. i know very dreary to some, but i adore grey clothes, they feel better LOL... its true ok!

I took myself to the movies today while my car was being serviced, Mitsubishi wanted $700 + for a damn service whereas Kmart tyre and auto ... $345.. see like half the price, be damned if im giving all my cash to Mitsubishi! ... I first got my nails painted because the movies didnt open till 10, so off to the little Asian lady and she painted them black. I love black, it looks dramatic and goes with everything.

I then went to see 'valentines day'.. great movie, and easy to follow but got me emotional and yeah i cried. It made me wonder , is it right to forgive all sins in the name of love? at what point do you draw a line and say , NO sorry , i love ME more?.
I Loveed this ,movie , it was a feel good one. even if it was a bit girly .

The Photo shoot went well, i tell you what, i havent been that nervous in a long time, but the photos turned out well and when im allowed i will post some.

I received my handmade silver bracelet yesterday too, shall take some photos and show you all... along with my new camera lens... exciting stuff for dani LOL

I picked up the outlander, they say i need a new battery, its a YEAR OLD!!!! hat the?... so shall look into that, maybe they thought i was just a dumb girl? but i know enough to say that a battery should last more than a year in a new car.
The mechanics workshop made me a bit sad, i havent actually been in a workshop since josh died. It smelled just like him. I dont often talk about him or my experience, but i was hard not to choke back tears. I took for granted his smell and things about him, that now i miss. I will always miss. It doesnt matter when or how you move on, certain things will always pull heart strings.

It made me think, dont ever take for granted something you could lose . Once its gone you can never go back and touch that moment again. The best lesson i learned in losing Josh is , nothing is more important than love. At the start of every day and end of every day , Love is what gets you through, makes it worth it.
Loss makes us stronger because it gives us a greater appreciation for everything. Nothing is permanent.

I will post photos of stuff later, i need to take the photos first LOL.. thanks for reading my blog. Much love

here is the link to Miss Ls blog, she has wicked fashion tips and styling ideas.
She has a totally fantastic attitude towards clothing and fashion if you need any help/ideas/inspiration. She is extremely positive and upbeat too.


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