Saturday, May 22, 2010

um yeah ok

well another day another blog... where do i start? i think i should start with the good stuff, the good stuff is always worth blogging about.. :)

i had an awesome nights sleep, snuggling Mr L is the highlight of my day/night. When i go to sleep at night, i know my kids are safe and i have a man next to me who loves me supports me and treats me right.
I had an awesome sleep in, then Mr L bought me in a mega cup of coffee , bliss!

Mr B and Miss L came in and out for the morning for snuggles, i read books, everything from bob the builder to possum magic, hairy maclary... both the kids and Mr L love winter with me apparently because i have 'warms' meaning i am in fact the warmest person in the house :) they all wanted to snuggle me under the doona, so between the 3 of them on and off for the morning till nearly 11 i was in my element...

by the time i had woken up, got dressed it was lunch time, so chicken for lunch and time to wait for the inlaws ( Js parents not Mr Ls)

Js mum is odd to say the least, shes always been unstable, but since J died its worse, and i mean alot worse... doesnt just dislike me, she seethes venom at me.

today in front of the kids , Mr L and her own husband she says we will drop the kids off in a few hours but if you and Mr L are having sex let me know via txt so we dont turn up...
UMMMM OKKK you freaking weirdo.


i had no words for this. none. so i just looked at her like

later on in the arvo when they had returned kids i said ' before you go i have some photos for yous of the kids' and she said 'what none of you guys doing it'... again WTF...WTF...WTF...WTF...

This woman needs help. LOL

i was happy to say bye this arvo and rethink how i interact with this woman. i mean how do i? shes not really my mother in law anymore is she? what exactly do i owe her expect respect and courteousness when she sees her grandchildren.

Mr L has been so gorgeous today, i had a moment where i was lying in bed( this time late arvo, i know i know , but on weekends i like to relax and when its cold, bed is my fave place with a book and a cuppa) anyways he was playing ocean by john butler and i just looked at him and i felt overflowing and happy. i just loved him so much in that moment my eyes leaked ;)

i am blessed with so much more than anyone could ever wish for.

when he plays i feel like its one of the only times my brain completely switches off, its so rare that im not thinking, tossing and turning ideas over in my head, its just so luxurious for me to be able to chill on such a calm level. an di owe that to him.

tonight we are relaxing, my leg and arm are uber sore and my stitches are pulling, Mr Ls still recovering from the flu. we have decided to have a relaxing weekend, we asked the kids what they wanted for dinner, and they wanted hot chips and chicken nuggets, so they got that and we got massaman and chicken satay sticks. these satay sticks are to die for, no jokes. NOM NOM NOM...

Oh i neglected to mention i called a car sales man a wanker today , well he really was a wanker. he was as short as a hobbit, he had orange fake tan and a black greasy mullet and he was about 75 yrs old. he offered me $19 ish grand for my near new car, i wasnt buying simply enquiring bout the trade value ... the guy was just icky.

well i am off to watch a movie. we have been movie couch dwellers for a while now, saving the cash, cheaper to watch dvds than go to the movies, chermside charges nearly $40 for us both to go ...

hope everyone else is well...

thanks for reading

love danielle x


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